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Deck Refinishing & Restoration Colorado

Make Your Deck Look Brand New Again

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Deck Power Washing & Sanding

Underneath your old worn down deck, there is a beautiful, rejuvenated deck waiting to come out. Power washing a deck may seem to be a simple process, but in reality, it is quite complicated. If you don't use the right tip, the right amount of pressure and the right technique you can quickly damage your entire deck beyond repair. Attempting to do it on your own can quickly do irreversible damage to your deck forcing you to replace it all together. The bottom line is i'ts important to hire professionals to ensure the job is done right. 

The first and most important thing is at Dr. Greens, we have the right tools for the job and we know how to use them. We methodically power wash over the top of your deck, removing dead wood fiber, dirt, grime and 

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anything else that may be stuck on the surface. The next optional step is sanding the deck. We sand down the deck, bringing it back to a nice smooth surface. The last step is the application of a nice coat of stain or wood sealer to help protect your deck from the natural elements, keeping your deck looking beautiful for years to come.  

Due to Colorado's harsh weather and climate, it is recommended to have your deck power washed and refinished every 3 years. Because of this, we offer an annual maintenance plan allowing you to pay as low as 20% of the total refinishing cost, keeping your deck looking it's best each and every year!

Are you ready to bring your deck back to life? Contact us for a free estimate!
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