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Fence Refinishing & Restoration Colorado

Let Us Restore Your Fence By Removing The Wear & Tear

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Fence Power Washing & Restoration

Due to the hot and cold elements here in Colorado, fences here tend to wear down quicker than they would in other areas of the country. Home owners often make the expensive mistake of replacing a worn down fence as opposed to hiring a professional power washer to come out and restore the fence at a much more affordable price. Another mistake we see homeowners make is they often attempt to power wash their fences on there own. When it's not done properly, using the right tools the right way, you will do irreversible damage to the fence forcing you into the high cost of having to replace the fence all together. 

Power washing is a skill in it's own right, but it's not just reserved for decks, concrete and siding. It works really well on vertical applications making the restoration of a fence very achievable. The first thing we do is power wash the fence in a nice even manor, removing dead wood fiber, dirt and grime 

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while making sure we are left with a nice evenly colored surface. After that, we apply a fresh coat of stain or wood sealer which will protect your fence from the harsh weather and help keep it's beauty for years to come. 

Don't call a fencing company to replace your fence. Call us to come out and inspect your fence and give a free estimate on restoring it!
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