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Xeriscaping Colorado

A Low Maintenance Cost Effective Solution To A Beautiful Yard

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Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping that reduces and even eliminates the need for watering your yard. Xeriscaping is both water-conserving and drought tolerant insuring a beautiful yard nearly year round. Xeriscaping is not easy to do on your own. It requires the proper use of plants that are natural to our local climate here in Colorado. The selection of plants used need to be specifically geared toward water conservation and arranged in a way that helps avoid water evaporation and natural run off. 

Xeriscaping has the following benefits:

  • Saves water

  • Saves you money

  • Offers incredibly low maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly

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At Dr. Greens, we are experienced and skilled at xeriscaping yards. We will come out to your home and go over the many options available, walking you through each one and helping you come to a decision that works best for you. Once you have made your final decision, we will begin the process of xeriscaping your yard, converting it into a beautiful low maintenance addition to your home. 

If you are considering laying new concrete or making the upgrade to stamped concrete, call us for a free estimate.
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