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Sod and Synthetic Turf Installation Colorado

Complete The Look Of Your Yard With Beautiful Sod

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Sod and Synthetic Turf Installation

Even with the dry climate, sod grows well in the state of Colorado. Only growing over the summer season, sod creates a beautiful green space in your yard that is generally low maintenance and can even be considered visually therapeutic. Sod installations are generally quick. Once the sod is installed, the roots become established in roughly 2 to 4 weeks leaving you with a beautiful lawn for you and your family to enjoy.

Although quick, sod installation can be more complicated than you may think. Everything from the size of the area the sod needs to cover to the quality of the soil around your home needs to be taken into consideration. At Dr. Greens, we are very experienced when it comes to sod installation. With proper watering and care, the sod we install in your yard will grow in strong year after year. 

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Get a free estimate for professional sod or turf installation in your yard!
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