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Retaining Walls & Garden Walls Colorado

Add Custom Beauty To Your Yard

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Retaining Walls & Garden Walls

A retaining or garden wall is a structure that holds soil behind it. Retaining walls can be made out of many different materials. They can be straight or they can be curved. Retaining walls can range in size form a few inches high to four feet our more. The planning and installation of a retaining wall can be tricky because the slope of you yard and drainage need to be taken into consideration. This is why it is always suggested that your retaining or garden wall be installed by professionals.

At Dr. Greens, we have a vast amount of experience when building retaining walls. The endless material, color and design options can get confusing. We work with our clients to help select the proper material for the wall as well as the planning of the final design. Once we have determined what your custom retaining wall will look like and be made out of, we will move forward with expert installation, leaving you with a final product that will add custom character and beauty to your yard for years to come. 

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If youre intrested in a retaining wall or garden wall, contact us today for a free estimate. 
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